Equality Fund Presents

Feminist Conversation Cards

This International Women’s Day, the Equality Fund has created a new resource: conversation cards. Brought to life by inspiring global artists, each card is meant to help spark conversations about the social and political change you want to see and break down big ideas related to feminist movements.

We’re inviting folks to be part of movement building by taking one simple action – start a conversation! Conversation is a seed for collective action, where few can become the many. Our discussions have the power to grow long-lasting change.

All movements, big and small, started with discussions that led to action. Some of the biggest feminist wins to date were born out of kitchen table conversations.

Create your own change and start a conversation today. #MomentToMove

  • 1Click or tap on the deck below to start
  • 2Choose the card that speaks to you most
  • 3Start a conversation